Leaving The Shore

Picture 001June.

Just the name of the month conjures up the excitement of “Field Day” at school, neighborhood games of flashlight tag, clearing out lockers, pool parties with friends, anticipation of beach trips…when I even see the word June, I visualize sunshine.

But it is also a time for goodbyes…and I had one today.

I volunteered for the last time at my son’s school.  Our family has had someone attending there for 10 years. We have a community. It has been where my boys grew into young men. They know every inch of those buildings and grounds.  Many of the kids there they have known since grade school. Some are like family to them. Indeed, in some ways, it has been like schooling in a cocoon…and true to form, there has been metamorphosis.  It has been positive and sometimes difficult…even so, it is a hard decision to leave the safety of the unknown.  But it is time.

Time to spread wings.  Time to push to the edge.  Time to be tested.

There will be challenges ahead; my son will be exposed to people, places and situations that will require him to be a young man of character.  Jesus told his apostles that he prayed for them to be in this world, but not of it.  That is the tough part, because to be in the world is to be subject to its influences – negative and positive.  But I am not worried and here is why…because of God’s promises to him, and to us all. Here are just a few:

  1. He has made us fearfully and wonderfully and knows the days ahead.
  2. He has a good plan and a purpose for each life He puts on this earth.
  3. He says that if we seek Him, we will find Him when we seek Him with all our hearts.
  4. He promises to supply our needs.
  5. He promises that when we are weary and burdened, He will give us rest.
  6. He promises we can talk to Him about anything; and He will listen.
  7. He tells us not to be fearful.
  8. He tells us not to be anxious about anything.
  9. He will never leave us or forsake us.
  10. He will always give us peace.

And just like the entrance of June brings anticipation and completion, so will September allow my young butterfly to test his wings and develop a new normal.  I am excited for him.  I am thankful that he can rest in God’s promises.  And I know this, whether it is him or any of us who are facing change, we can be secure in knowing that we are not walking the valley alone…

And as I signed out at my son’s school today for the very last time, I did feel a sense of bitter sweet, but it was good.  It is all good. After all, none of us can discover new oceans if we are not willing to leave the shore.

Photo Courtesy of KMR


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