The Legacy of The Promised Land – Written by JS

Written by Jenni S @


My life is a living legacy meaning the life I now enjoy, all my relationships, my walk with Christ and the truths I know are the fruit of the obedience to Christ that my momma learned and practiced and still practices every day of her life.

Every victory I receive and walk in is directly because my momma either accomplished that victory and showed me how, or because she prayed for me to learn it.

I see it as “promise land,” spiritual, mental, physical properties that God caused her to conquer and to drive out the inhabitants. Just like Joshua, every place her foot tread, she walked in the fear of the Lord and that was the beginning of wisdom. As she grew in Christ and practiced what she learned she claimed places that the enemy had stolen and marked as his own. Places of promise in our family line that were polluted by the enemy’s strongholds. Strongholds of violence, rage, malice, gossip, sexual perversion, greed, insanity, witchcraft, idolatry, self hatred, self pity, depression, oppression, mental illness and physical illness.

My momma’s early life was filled with violence, abuse, and neglect. These three giants worked to destroy this particular family line. They tattered her siblings’ sanity and sought to destroy her as well. They drove my momma into my father’s arms at way too early an age. She sought security, love, and hope. Instead, she found great loss, continual betrayal in the worst ways, hopelessness and fear. Then in 1975 momma reached out and Christ drew her to Himself. He loved her, healed her, redeemed her, restored her, balanced her, taught her and empowered her.

  • When she was hurt, she chose forgiveness.
  • When she was betrayed she chose mercy.
  • When she was cruelly persecuted, she chose to love.
  • When she was greatly dishonored, she chose to honor.
  • When her rights demanded to be justified she let God be her vindicator.
  • When she lost all, over and over again, she sought God as her absolute Source and He never failed.
  • When the situation allowed her to choose her own understanding, I saw her choose God’s way of doing and thinking, seeking first His kingdom with all her being.
  • When self righteousness would have been justified, she choose humility. She set her heart to love Him with all that she was and is.

I experienced her trials, I saw her count it all joy. I saw God answer her prayers. I saw God supply above and beyond all that she could ask or think. It always cost her, sometimes just her pride, but many times it cost her soul and physical health. The agony of trusting God when feelings screamed otherwise. See, she counted her life as no more. She understood she was bought with a price. She lived life and still lives it, as totally belonging to Christ. I have seen her expenses but I have also seen her rewards. The years of standing in faith that God will do what He says, in spite of no proof. She prayed and ministered, soaked in the word, filled our lives with His presence. We, her children were taught of the Lord because she invited Him to rule in our home and then allowed it. Our daily life was a practice in experiencing His presence. We learned to seek, to hear and to obey. His love was manifest and was perfected in our lives, even as she was learning. She learned, she practiced and her practice taught us.

Today, we all serve the Lord. We each have great depths and insights because we have been taught of the Lord. We each have had hardships to deal with and fierce battles to war. Yet, through them all, we have done so with dependence on God’s grace that is authentic and accurate just as our momma taught us. Our momma pioneered with obedience and diligence her walk with Christ. She let the Lord teach her to love Him and us. She let that love overflow in all that she thought and said. She homesteaded the Word of God in the territory of our souls, living it out daily and each of us has much territory of spiritual truths stored up in our lives. So every moment of our lives, every joy, every trial we face, we live out the legacy our momma so painstakingly modeled and obtained.

Matthew 22:37 Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.


The Legacy Project


3 thoughts on “The Legacy of The Promised Land – Written by JS

  1. Ok, i have now read this post 3 times. Each time I read, it gets more relevant…Your mamma was a true warrior, as I bet you are too. “She homesteaded the Word of God in the territory of our souls”…Wow! what a wonderful home you must have had under her roof. I feel like many of of forget what a price He paid for us, paid for in blood, all we can can do is complain…I love, love, love this.Thank you for all the reminders that I needed to be a parent, Christian, and thankful warrior.


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