Thoughts on surrendering our will to God

I reblogged this today because the author, Mel, really hit a spot in my heart.  This weekend I met with my high school young ladies group for book club.  We were discussing many things, among one of them was idolatry….which is a form of NOT submitting our will to God and putting anything else above Him.  It is a constant struggle to SURRENDER our wills to Him…it is not just one act of contrition, but a daily, pick up my cross and carry it struggle.  So the gals and I have determined that we will all start this week to choose one thing that we know is an “idol” for us individually, (that which keeps up from pursuing God and draws us away from Him). Each of us identified an area that we will purposely capture to God and give it to Him.  What does that look like?  Well, instead of work, TV, texting, Facebook, Twitter, phone, primping, sports, gossip, etc etc etc.  we will PUT it aside, lay it down, SURRENDER IT – to pursue Him in prayer or scripture or song or just quiet time instead – It will be hard – and it will be worth it.  Will you join us?

Thanks again Mel for the awesome word of God reminder on Surrendering Our Will To God.

In My Father's House

What do you think of when you think of surrendering your will to God? What images run through your mind? I was talking about this in the comments of another post so I thought it would be good to put some focus on this subject here.

What I see now as my somewhat religious images of surrendering my will used to run along the lines of me in a painful struggle, wrestling with God, or some Medieval monk prostrate on the floor crying out, “Okay, God, I give up! I give my all to You!”

But this attitude of surrender seems to be quite subjective.  For some it can be real life changing or even life threatening decisions, others not so much.

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One thought on “Thoughts on surrendering our will to God

  1. You’re very welcome. I’m glad I can play a part. I pray your week is blessed beyond your highest expectations. I know Papa God has awesome encounters and good things in store for you. 🙂


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