Today my heart was troubled; focused on what I couldn’t see
I could not feel the Lord; as my mind was set on me
He called my name so softly, and whispered He was there
But I did not hear His proddings, only imagined He was not fair
I cried out to Him in sadness, demanding He end my pain
I forgot about the truths I knew, that to suffer for Him is gain.
Today my heart was troubled, and though I did not know
That God allowed the troubles, to change and help me grow
I could not see Him working; thus I challenged His purpose and plan
I tried to take control, along my own designs I ran
I turned away from Him in anger, expecting God to make it right
I forgot about His timing and His promise for me He’d fight
Today my heart was troubled, yet I was reminded of His love
As His eye is on a sparrow, He is watching from above
God speaks to each of us in a voice, specific to our need
He kindly sent me two dear friends to pray and intercede
So once again I am listening, and mindful of what I know
That our Abba, Father won’t forsake us because He loves us so.
My heart no longer troubled, because I know His plans are best
And I pray when I cannot hear or see Him, that my faith will meet the test
Jesus told his own disciples, in this world we would have pain
He prayed for them and us; our trust won’t be in vain
So next time I am troubled, when I am hurt or when I am worn
I will stand on my God’s promise to calm the child or calm the storm

10 thoughts on “Troubled

  1. I just came across this poem this morning it describes exactly where I am right now as I surrender a difficult issue to the Lord. It was strange to “hear my heart” written in your poem.
    Thank you for sharing.



    • I read some of your entries…I love how you are looking forward now, not back….an word of wisdom for all of us. Otherwise, how can we see the narrow gate and the pathways that God is planning to walk with us? Hugs to you, Sister In Christ.


  2. Well done! Great meter and message. I like the trust part:

    He prayed for them and us; our trust won’t be in vain
    So next time when I am troubled,

    (Try blipping the “when.” Not necessary – you might like the flow. My two cents, take or toss.)



  3. Hi set your paths straight,

    I have been reading your posts and have thoroughly enjoyed-it, It has been inspirational and thought provoking.

    I loved the article about praying for your children when they leave home, and I think it is most needed in today’s world for everyone.

    Take care,


    • Hi Bincy, thank you so much for your kind words. I am so thankful that you are finding value in the writings. I only post as God puts words on my heart and I agree with you that we MUST pray for our children….and children everywhere. They are the future and in this apostate world, they face a very tough battle. They can be the light of the world, and whether they have praying family or not, we can intercede on their behalves. Jesus said, Let the little children come unto me – our prayers can speed them in that journey. Blessings on you and your family…and thank you for reading my blog.


    • I am so glad to be used by God today to speak to your heart…this was me this am, and God did send 2 friends, out of the blue…one who emailed and one who called…neither of whom knew what was going on with me….He loves us so…it is truly humbling. Blessings on you. I will pray for you today too.


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