Apart From Him


Deserts of the world / Photo courtesy: NASA

Repent for the kingdom of God is near…

A voice of one calling in the desert
Preps the way of The Lord
Make straight paths for him…Matthew 3:2-3

Apart from Him
I travel in a spiritual desert
I am dry and parched, in need of living water
My body cannot live without water
My soul does not thrive apart from the living water of God’s Word

Apart from Him
I am a tool of worldliness
The vipers of circumstance carry me along
I do not reflect or magnify His goodness
I am small-minded and small-hearted

Apart from Him
Dry and weathered
I have no strength in my limbs; I produce no spiritual fruit
I am as chaff that gathers and is blown along by the wind
Dull mind; self-absorbed heart

Apart from Him
Paralyzed by waywardness
The sound of distant calling of His voice
I see the straight path, the narrow gate to life
Still I stumble onto the wide road, the path that leads to destruction

Apart from Him
I easily find fault in others, reflections of a shadowy heart
I tire of the desert; instead I choose immersion in His Words
I will choose the straight path and drink grace-filled refreshment in Him
restoration is His to give
As I seek Him in prayer, in communion and in the wisdom of His life-giving love letter

My soul heals within the salve of His presence. Because of His great mercy, no longer am I apart from Him.


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