Half A Century


Written for a friend last year on her special day…

Today is half a century Lord,
What does that mean to me?
How have I used this time
Has it been in serving thee?

Nay, Lord I have wasted
Much of what you’ve given me
What do I have to show for it?
But your Precious Son upon a tree.

I know that I am made, Lord
Fearfully and to do good
But how am I to do your will?
If only that I could.

Today is half a century Lord,
But that I could give to thee
The love and sweet redemption
That you have given me.

Let me use the time left given, Lord
To put distance from the past
And be a gift to others
That they may see your love at last

I ask for your forgiveness Lord
That I have lived my time too fast
And guide me ever more now
for your purpose and your path

Today is half a century Lord
It is this day that I was born
And I pray that when I leave this earth,
That there will be no one to mourn.

That there will be rejoicing Lord
Much praise of all you’ve done
That the Sinner born in me
has learned to truly follow the Son

That with each word and deed I thought,
with each struggle that I faced,
Will they Praise that I was redeemed Lord,
by your mercy and your grace

Today is half a century Lord,
what does that mean to me?
That though I may be closer to the end
I am still here to serve but thee.

Allow me Lord in the time I have,
to be closer ever more,
to use this time to point to others,
the pathway to your door.

I thank you Lord, for loving me,
before I even knew
and for giving me half a century,
to come to love you too.


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