Hate Me! Written by Jemison Valencia

I reblogged this because this young lady is BOLD!  She understands the cost of speaking the truth and is willing to pay it.  What a wonderful refreshment to me personally, but also, I suspect to many of us.  As adults, we face the same fears as she does about sharing Jesus love to others.  However, none of us, young or old, are to be shirking away from what Jesus commanded:

Acts 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”


If you hate me because of His Name, then so be it! He stood up for me, I WILL stand up for Him! I am ready to be bold.

Last Sunday during service, my priest talked about being Christ-like, living Christ-like, and that the most important thing is to spread the Word of God no matter if people will judge us or not. I already knew that we should all live Christ-like, and that Christ came down to show us how we should all live, but something that hit me from what my priest had to say is that “We need to spread the Word of God no matter if people will judge us or not.” I already knew this, but it still hit me hard because this was a battle I fought with every day; should I tweet about the scripture, or not?

It used to be so easy for me to tweet/talk about God without being afraid that people will judge me. I did it without any second thoughts or doubts, but now I get so scared. Every time I want to tweet about God, I get scared that people will judge me, talk about me, or “hate” me because I am doing what I should be doing (telling the world about God).

During the service, my priest said that people will hate us because of Jesus’ name, but we can’t think about them. All we must think about is that we are doing the right thing when we talk about Jesus Christ and an easy way we can achieve this is to remember WHO we are doing this for. We are doing it for Him.

If we tell the world about Jesus, and stand up for His name, the Father will be more than happy to take us into His Kingdom. Therefore, we shouldn’t be afraid to talk or be proud of Him.

I was so astonished by what Father Mar said. We shouldn’t be afraid because we are doing the right thing. We shouldn’t be afraid because we are doing this for Him. We shouldn’t be afraid! He was right. People will hate us because of our Faith, but God won’t hate us. This is what God wants us to do, therefore we should not be afraid of what people may say about us.

There was this one day a girl named Diana Soto asked me on ask.fm if it was easy to tell others that I loved God. Like I knew I should, I told her the truth. I told her that it wasn’t easy because we are afraid that people will judge us (and some will). I told her to think of it this way: Jesus died on the cross in public because of His Love for us, so why should we be private about our love for Him?

Jesus is always there for me when I need Him. He’s always got His shoulder out to me, when I need to cry. He’s always there even during the times when I get embarrassed or have second thoughts about talking about Him.

After that church service, I finally put my foot down. This is it! No more being afraid to spread the Word of God. No more pushing myself back just because I don’t want people to judge me or hate me because of my relationship with my Father. No more.

Brothers and Sisters, join me! Put your foot down and let’s talk about God! Let’s continue to tell the world about Him and not be afraid that people may hate us because of His name. Even if we are hated, Jesus loves us. We are doing this for Him! We need to be public with our love for God as Jesus was public with His Love for us. We can do this! Let’s do it for Him!

If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first.

~John 15:18

May God bless you in your journey of Faith.

– Your Sister in Christ, Jemison

Shoutout to Diana Soto for asking me the question about if it was easy to tell others I loved God on ask.fm! Her Twitter: @Genuine171.

If they hate me…

If they hate me because of Your name, then so be it! You stood up for me. I WILL stand up for You!  I too am ready to be bold.


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