A Psalm Of Thanks

Reblogged From Christian Blessings – written by setyourpathsstraightwaiting for Spring

You are my God, and I will praise you; you are my God, and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 118:28-29 

Thank you El Eyon for the bright sunshine as it reflects across blankets of brilliant snow, reminding me that your glory surrounds me if I would just look and see.

 Thank you Maker for the shy crocus who struggles to peak her purple head through the melting snow, reminding me that even after the death of winter comes the life of spring. 

Thank you Life Sustainer for the raucous call of the blue jay, as he battles the crow for food and territory, reminding me that I can trust you to supply all things that I need.

Thank you Creator for the bright-eyed Robin outside my kitchen window, who drinks thirstily from the dripping eaves, reminding me that you are my only source of Living Water. 

Thank you Lord for the vibrant blue sky and the crisp wisp of air that surrounds my breath as I walk the silent forest trails, reminding me that each day of life is your unspoken gift to me.

Thank you Comforter for the wintergreen boughs that sweep me up into their fragrant thickets, reminding me that your arms are ever present & surrounding me wherever I go.  

Thank you Redeemer as I walk the fallen log across the icy stream, reminding me that You and you alone give my life balance.

Thank you Lahai Roi for the timid deer who startle at my presence and thunder down the hill, reminding me that just as they silently stare my way, your eyes always see me.

Thank you Healer for all the things seen and unseen that you lay before my eyes to drink in and nurture my soul, reminding me that all good things come from You.

Thank you Prince of Peace for the long blue silhouettes at days’ end, reminding me that you travel with me near still waters or valleys full of shadows.

Thank You Redeemer, that you are Lord and King, the Beginning and the End, reminding me that you are and always will be the great I AM. 


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