What Matters?


This short note from blogger KSB caught my attention yesterday.  Feeling really pulled into many directions, stressing over family needs (immediate and extended), working, writing, volunteering and mentoring…. – it can make a busy gal a dizzy gal.  KSB’s comments brought order to my un-ordered mind.  Thanks for that girl!  So dear readers – Enjoy KSB! p.s.  she is also a purty awesome photographer.  This is her picture too.  🙂 Enjoy. 

Reblogged from KSB Captures

I know it’s been a long time. I haven’t given up, I have just been really needed lately.

Through my busy-ness, I have noticed a sudden influx of people losing loved ones these past two weeks. I wanted to pass along some condolences and say a few words.

These past few months have put a lot into perspective for me. Since my fathers stroke this past October, every phone call I receive sends my heart into a tizzy. The endless paperwork, the kind people wanting to help, but not exactly knowing what to do, getting affairs in order in case of the inevitable, spending most of your free time in constant vigilant prayer, the decisions that need to be made, hoping you are making the right ones…

But actually losing someone… To have felt deep loss, the kind that paralyzes, causes blurred vision and a non-registering thought process. Walking around zombie-fied, nothing seems as important in life than this sudden loss of life.

So what matters?

Material things? Career boosters? Being right all the time?



People matter. Those you love and those that love you. They are what matter. I can’t stress enough that life can be so short. Take the time, make the effort, tell them, show them. Tomorrow might be too late.

To those that have lost this week, I am sending the most heartfelt hugs and prayers of comfort and strength…

Psalm 34:18

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.


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