The Peace of Rejoicing

Sweet sky palette

But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. Psalm 13:5

I’ve been silent lately. I always try to wait for the Lord to lead my heart before I write. So this morning I write you this.

It was a day the Lord had made..and though my mood was not unlike the cool and gloomy weather –  God’s Spirit wrapped itself around my tired limbs and invigorated me for the day ahead…and I felt that presence near – as He bolstered me for my tasks ahead and gave me the desire to see it through, as if working for Him not man.  With a change in attitude, it seemed simple for me – I rejoiced and was glad.

Yesterday spring appeared and the purple crocus, the bright yellow daffodil and the calling blue bird declared the glory of God’s promise.  He makes all things new.  As the dead of the winter shakes off the trees, I thought about God’s work on the cross…  As a seed must die before it germinates and grows – so must our sin die – before the resurrection of new life through faith in Jesus Christ can grow in us.

That is His promise.  That is His gift…and I smiled and rejoiced and was glad.

Today I wrote you this.  Early in the morning I awoke and saw a new day…one that the Lord made.  I hummed a happy tune for Him as I was reminded of His great mercies being new. My sour temper, my sharp words, my unkind thoughts of another day.  All gone.  All repented.  All under the cross… and I was glad.  As I watched the sun creep through the morning scudding clouds – with its promise of rising high and burning the grays away- I smiled.  He sung to me through the wild birds sitting in water oaks outside my window.  Who would believe one can hear God speak in the voice of a whippoorwill?

And now at this moment, I hear His whisper as I take a much coveted walk along the sandy shoreline of my favourite beach.  His Gifts of the sea are all around me, from the sharp broken shells under my feet to the porpoise in the horizon playing in the wake of a fishing boat way off shore.  I “hear” his voice through the ocean waves, “Do you like it?  It is mine and I created it for your pleasure”… and once again – as the day nears its end – I rejoice and I am glad because no matter what my spirit, His Spirit is with me always.

My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor all day long. Psalm 71:8

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean - Ormond Beach, Florida


3 thoughts on “The Peace of Rejoicing

  1. Thank you for your thoughts; they are beautiful. Please let me share one of my thoughts with you. My church meets each Friday evening; it has been a wonderful time that just kind of happened. This Friday, I will wake up and see darkness. In a short while, I will see dawn. God’s creation will take my eyes to see daylight. Day-light will lead my sight to see the beauty of dusk. At that time, my church will meet. During our service, we will see the arrival of darkness. At that time, after our times of fellowship, worship, teaching, and preaching, we will share a fellowship meal, which we will have around a large table. During the meal, we will read Matthew’s account of the Passover Meal/The Last Supper, where we will remember the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Then, we will continue with our fellowship meal. After all have finished the meal, we will clean up and depart with the knowledge that we, “the communion of the saints,” shared the communion/fellowship meal. It’s amazing how God gives us so many beautiful things. Please have a blessed evening.

    Senior Pastor/Equipping the Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I May Know Him”


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