Written for Jonathan and David’s sister. My sweet friend, “R”

I wish you peace
In His presence
In your mind
In your heart

I wish you peace
to forgive the unforgivable,
in others
In yourself

I wish you peace
To know, really know
that you are more than the measure
Of your own doubts or the weaknesses of others

I wish you peace
That your single focus can be torn away from what may be wrong
That your eyes widen in wonder
and you see, even for the first time…all that is right

I wish you peace
To drink in and drown
In the knowledge that all you are and all you are not
Is the work of a Master who adores you

I wish you peace
That you hear the voice of the Spirit who lives in you
That His prayers on your behalf become melodies of strength,
and testimonies of love

I wish you peace
That you give it all away, drop the burden at His feet
and that when you rise from your knees
You are renewed, restored rebuilt

I wish you peace
That the broken vessel becomes a deep cistern
Strong and mighty, able to refresh the parched streams
running through the land

I wish you peace
Because I know who loves you most
Who holds you dear, who made you fine
Who is the Prince of Peace and your everlasting Bridegroom

I wish you peace
That you will hush your pain and crawl up into the lap of your Father
In His arms, all who seek Him don’t wish for peace
For they have already found it



5 thoughts on “MY WISH FOR YOU

    • thank you for this my friend. After reading your comment, I thought about the “crowd of witnesses” who surround us. The “saints from the past”, who are witness to our race and struggle in life and give us an example to follow…and I would posit to say we are each others witnesses as well in the present. To “witness” and remind each other of the truths of God’s love…lest we wear down and forget. We are also to witness each other’s run, as we are called stand along side and cheer one another on to a strong and final finish. It is my intention to do this in my poem, and also, I am finding that my wordpress community of believers, like YOU, are just as important as witnesses in the crowd and to the finish. Thanks as always for your inspiration and support. Hugs.


      • Amen! I count it a privilege, my friend. We need to hear, speak, meditate and share the word of God daily…it is the evidence of His Grace, Love and Truth in our life. It is the Gift…that keeps on Giving! Blessings~Zoey


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