She Always Hated Squirrels

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 “Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.” 
― Mark Twain

She never met a squirrel she didn’t hate…except for the stuffed toy she received from my sister one Christmas.  Don’t know what it was about the squirrels.  I think they must have mocked her and she had much to say about that.  The scratched up floor of my sunroom can attest to it, as she slid back and forth from window to window telling them what for.

She also never met a kid she didn’t love.  Every child who entered our doorway was subject to wags, snuffles and abundant loving from her, as if she had been waiting for them all along. Actually she treated virtually everyone she met like that.  I think in her nearly 11 years of life, I only saw her show her dislike of someone twice.  Both men were workers on our renovation, and to be honest, her judgment of their character was accurate, as their actions ultimately proved.

I am writing of my boxer dog Daisy.  I introduced her to you last October in my blog Daisy Go Round.  That blog is about how she was becoming ill and how her reliance on our family taught us many things.   Wednesday morning, we said goodbye to our very sweet little brown dog.  She passed away in my arms, with me whispering “I love you, thank you for being the best dog ever.”  Which she really was.

Still stinging from a very broken heart, I have had a wee bit of time to reflect on her and have realized what a blessing she was to our family – and that she really was God-sent.  In the Psalms, King David wrote that the heavens and earth proclaim the glory of God and show His handiwork. I think that our furry friends are also His work and indeed were among His first living creations.  That must have made them pretty important in God’s economy.

I have always said that God speaks to us in the language we can hear.  For me, that includes dog language.  Daisy was a dog full of heart and in the years she owned our family, she taught us all many things which she practiced daily:

  1. Love unconditionally
  2. Forgive easily
  3. Rest often
  4. “Be there” 100% when someone wants/needs you
  5. Appreciate the food you have and don’t take it from others
  6. Repent when you make a mistake
  7. Listen carefully
  8. Follow directions
  9. Show joy often
  10. Play hard
  11. Be loyal and don’t stray from your pack
  12. Protect who you love
  13. Enjoy your people
  14. Never miss a chance to snuggle up with your loved ones
  15. Welcome others to your home
  16. Stay close when someone needs you
  17. Hug someone when they are crying
  18. Share your toys, your boys and your special spot by the fire
  19. Be thankful for the sun, the water and the beautiful days God gives you.

I do not know if my Daisy dog is waiting in heaven for me. I pray so.  I am holding on to the fact that in the “new heaven and a new earth” as described in scripture, God tells us that animals will be there too.  Isaiah 11:6  The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling[a] together; and a little child will lead them.  I also know that God says heaven is a place of happiness and no tears.  Reuniting with my boxer dog(s) would certainly delight me and mine.

We miss her.  She was very dear. We love her so.   Now, there is one more lesson she taught us… avoid small furtive animals (or people) who are not trustworthy…like squirrels… 😉








9 thoughts on “She Always Hated Squirrels

  1. I am so grateful to have gotten to see Miss Daisy before her time came. I feel confident she is in Boxer Dog heaven and will be there to meet me as well. She is chilling with Mecca right now. She was very special to me, as I know I was to her. I do feel your loss sister. I know how hard it is to lose your best friend.


    • Thank you bro. I had another tough moment today when I went to the mailbox. She used to walk to get the mail with me and then we would chat as we meandered down the road to our house. I missed her presence so very much…no one to talk to, ya know? Wouldn’t you know it there was a bereavement card from her vet in the post as well. Daisy was not just my dog, she WAS my friend and companion. (Heck the only other girl in the house too). Feeling very sore in the heart still. Daisy Dog – such a GOOD DOG…and we always told her so. 🙂 Give Moose and Bella extra hugs from me today. xx


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