Family Comes First (famiglia viene prima)


The title of today’s blog is our family motto.  It is important.  It is our guiding principle. It applies to our nuclear family – my husband, our boys and me.  It also extends to our immediate family – which adds an element of challenge.

Not long ago we had to make a decision that protected our niece and offended a family friend.  It wasn’t meant to be upsetting, it is just we needed to make a choice….and the tough choice was made – family comes first.

It is not always easy – and sometimes it doesn’t work out well; especially when others may cause hurt or perhaps do not attach the same importance to famiglia. Never mind though – because for as much as it is up to you [us] – per God’s instruction – we must be at peace with our brother (Romans 12:8).  

That is why I included this bit below from the Daily Signal.  This young woman, Sadie Robertson knows the meaning of family first.  She publicly honours her family and her faith – because to do anything different would be breaking that faith and disowning family.  She teaches a good lesson.  You go girl.  🙂

I don’t watch a lot of TV and have never watched DWTS.  This interview IS worth watching.  

reblogged from The Daily Signal

Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson’s Powerful Words: Faith Has ‘Carried’ Family ‘This Whole Way’

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35


6 thoughts on “Family Comes First (famiglia viene prima)

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  3. Thanks for the story. I don’t watch DWTS either so I would never have seen this without your story.
    What I noticed was that she put Faith out there first and foremost. It was why she and the other family members put family first. Did you notice that she said it didn’t matter what her grandpa would have said she would have stuck by him. I doubt many heard that this meant she agreed with him but he could have said something she didn’t agree with and she was by his side. Might take a second listen to catch it.
    I noticed during the dance routine that the duck callers that started the dance were her family. They did not let her go out into the seduction of fame and fortune without them. Rather they supported her by participating in her performance while the rest of the family cheered in the audience. Gota love this family.
    One last point I would like to make. When Phil Robertson took so much grief over his comments The Pope was making the same comments. The Pope was named man of the year by Time and the LGBT community praised him. Might be because he has socialist economic beliefs that trump the gay agenda.


    • I read your blog and would love to comment but didnt want to be too personal. All I can say as that as a child growing up in an “angry” home, I experienced years of insecurity and second guessing myself. But for a great counselor and the grace of God (who became a loving Father) I am different today. The legacy of an angry home can vist generations upon generations. I am sure that it was not the intent in my family to have this kind of environment – it was a legacy passed down from previous grandparents. Now, I am teaching my own children the importance of loving well. When I am long gone, I personally pray for two things – one that my Jesus says to me, “well done good and faithful servant” and the other that it is said of me, “She loved well.” I never want to be like the Billy Joel song and be called “an angry white man.” I also refer you to a book called Wild At Heart. Without saying more – please look it over. If you wish to interact without this site, I can be reached at Blessings on you and your family. and Jesus said, ” Trust God, trust also in Me.” Amen.

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