Holding On For God

alex-honnald-climbing-oman_Photograph by Jimmy Chin national geographic

photo credit – click here

“When you feel far away from God, begin to praise Him.  You will find Him in the midst of your worship.” – Jerry Leachman, former Team Pastor, Washington Redskins

Lord this morning I felt far away from you.  I was tired.  I had a long week at work.  I did not feel like praying this morning before I left for my soccer game.  But I did. I held on to you God.  Not because I felt it – but because my love for you is fact. So as I drove to the field and saw the early morning mist lying low on the stadium turf, the sun climbed up behind the fire-coloured fall trees. I felt a tear in the corner of my eye as I took in the beauty of the moment…and I thanked you.  As I left my car, I saw a child walking his dog along the road. It made me think of my own sons.  I smiled.

After the exhausting game (we lost and my knees hurt), the warm fall day exploded.  I put the top down, cranked the tunes and heard an amazing praise song.  I have heard it a million times before…but today it took special significance because the song lead me to the cross.  Again and again.

Thank you Lord for holding on to me, even when I don’t feel like holding on to you.  Have a nice day, Father.  Thanks for the sweet morning afterall.   I know YOU love me, whether I feel like loving or not.  Amen and amen.




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