Birthday – to my family


For my birthday, I ask,  please just sing me your song.  Share with me your dreams, your goals of life long.

For my birthday please bless me, with the gift of your time. Let’s play in the candlelight, and drink us some wine.  

For my birthday, let us share a good meal.  We will create it together, and eat it with zeal

For my birthday, please just let me sit by your side. Let me tell you my heart, in you I confide.  

For my birthday, I want to giggle and laugh.  I do not need presents, our 4 family’s enough.  

For my birthday write me notes, with XX s and O’s. Let me know what your thoughts are and maybe a rose.

For my birthday please know that “my boys”, all you three. Is the best gift I have, you are all that I need. 

Thank you for being my husband, my sons and the best of me.  Every day I have with you I praise God for His extraordinary gift.





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