1 AM Thoughts- written by madiharvs

this_little_light_of_mine_1_-_-e1369070198748So, I stumbled across this blog, written by a college freshman attending Auburn University.  As the mother of a college frosh son, I expected to read about the parties, the fun and the “omg” drama moments of a young person tasting “freedom”  for the first time.  Yes, I read a little about that – but what really impressed me is the deep and abiding murmurings that live in this young woman’s heart of faith…I shared this blog to encourage a few of my “girls” who I mentored through highschool.  I heard from one of them (also a college gal now) this morning.  She emailed to me… “this was everything I needed and more on this Sunday morning”.  Amen.  The reason I decided to reblog is to remind the young and the old who Jesus is…and how in perfect strangers He will speak to us, love us and encourage us.  Life is hard.  Growing into adulthood is scary.  We have two choices:  do life in our own weaknesses and hope for the best, or do it walking beside a strong, omnipresent, omnipotent King.  As for me, my bets are on the King, our Lord Jesus Christ.  So read and enjoy – and PLEASE share this with the young person or person’s in your life.  Like Madiharvs wrote, “God so loved YOU.  Be a light.  Be a shining light. Show the world that one day darkness WILL BE overcome”.  Reblogged frommadiharvs takes aubs

It’s funny how God speaks to us..

Sometimes you’re home and laying in your bed for the first time in a month and you can’t sleep.  You reflect on the last few weeks of your life and you realize that your TV is just a little too loud…  You notice that the TV is on a random channel that you’ve never actually watched, and you somehow can’t find the remote.  You give up the midnight search for the remote and you lay in bed and try to fall asleep, but in the background you hear: “Even when you are in the darkest of places and you are on a vacation with sin packed and you are sprinting away from God… His presence is there.”  Tears.

My first weeks as a college student have been challenging.  I explained it to someone this weekend that I have the “I-Can’t-Say-‘No’ Syndrome.”  I am so consumed with making new friends that I have a difficult time saying no to any event that I’m invited to.  I have never functioned on such little sleep in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve made some friends and I think that I am slowly finding the place that God wants me to be.  I am using my failures as learning experiences and my heartaches as reminders to stay grounded.  My life at this moment is where I hoped it would be a couple of weeks ago, but hey, that can change at any moment.

As I’ve grown and I’ve learned and I’ve experienced, I have gained a new perspective.  This word is filled with sin.  It is overflowing with sin and somedays I think that there is more dark than light.  My heart breaks for people who are so consumed with drugs and alcohol and sex and things that will NEVER fully satisfy them.

I go into parties and I watch friends that I grew up with consume themselves with a new-found freedom and I think: “Maybe they’re having more fun than me…”

I hear rumors of people I once knew and I think to myself: “How did it come to that?”

I see girls who wear clothes that are just a little too tight and too revealing and I think: “Why is she wearing that? Does she have no respect for herself?”

And then one little preacher on a midnight television program reminds me:

God so loved the Faithful

God so loved the Goody-Two-Shoes

God so loved the Preacher’s kid

God so loved The ones who go to church every Sunday and Wednesday

God so loved the world.

God so loved the broken. God so loved the drunk.  God so loved the pothead.

God so loved YOU.  Be a light.  Be a shining light. Show the world that one day darkness WILL BE overcome.

You are not better than anyone else.  You are not called to judge and to think down upon.  You are called to LOVE and BE LOVED.

Satan is scared of my God.  Satan trembles at His name. Don’t forget it.

To all of my college friends: remember who you are, but more importantly remember WHOSE you are.  Sons and daughters of the King of Kings! Do not let Satan and this dark world drag you in, you are more precious than jewels. God knows the number of hairs on your head.  He knows your future husband [or wife] and your future friends better than you could find in the bottom of any bottle.

Sin never agrees not to betray you.

And who knows… You might be the only Jesus someone sees in their whole life.  Is wasting that opportunity a risk you’re wiling to take? It’s literally the difference between heaven and hell.

Thanks for reading my 1 AM thoughts,



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