Wreaths Across America – Saturday December 12, 2015

Remember & Honor the Fallen

IMG_02771 scripture

Each year of this blog I have posted about supporting the Wreaths Across America organization. FoundeIMG_0336d in 1992, WAA strives to honor the men and women who gave the greatest sacrifice they could to this country – their lives.  As the daughter of a veteran, I personally know the importance of the efforts of the WAA.

Indeed, local boys lacrosse teams volunteered to place wreaths on graves last year. I was incredibly blessed and encouraged to watch as these young men respectfully honored their quiet appreciation for our armed services.  It was amazing.

We’ll be there again next month. IMG_0345blur

WWA needs your help too to raise funds for wreath purchases and or your volunteer time across this nation to place these memorials on the hundreds of thousands of graves. It’s simple. Your gift of $15 honors a fallen hero by placing a wreath on his or her grave.  Purchase for a headstone.  Buy one for your front door.  Send one to someone as a Christmas gift.  There are a myriad of ways to support WAA. Click here to order a wreath by November 30, 2015 to support this year’s wreaths. To learn more, visit the link below and watch the video about this laudable mission.

Don’t Say I Should Have. Say I Did

Learn More about our mission to remember and honor those who sacrificed so much.



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