Remember the times…

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Remember the timeIt has been awhile since I have written.  I have no excuse other than to claim “tempest fugit,” as my intentions are daily, but life interferes.   But today it is time…to remember the times.

Today marks the time, many years ago God answered my prayer.  It was a bodacious prayer.  It was a scream to the heavens, shake my fists, tears on the pillow angry prayer. It was a silent whisper in the night prayer.  It was a desperate pleading prayer.  It was a “make a deal” with God prayer.

It was a prayer that would change me, my life, my heart and my marriage.

It was a prayer for a child….a child that was waited for.  Though it took more time than I wanted to wait – God’s timing was perfect and today that child, our “sun” turns another year older.  He is well on his way to manhood – burning daylight and moonlight away in the library or dorm room of some far off college. He is studying, and sleeping and laughing and experiencing life on his own now.  He is praying too, different prayers – the prayers of a young man growing and learning who he is in the world.  He is praying his own prayers of worry, expectation, anticipation and thankfulness.  These, the prayers of a child of God, a son of parents, a brother to a brother and friend.

And today, like every other day, it is time to remember the times.

The time’s that God answers prayers with abundance to our expectations…and the times that He gives us what we need, not what we want.  It is those times when we learn to be thankful both in disappointment and blessing…and that we grow our spiritual muscles in trusting the Father that loves us best, who knows us from the very foundation of the world and whose plan for us and ours is right on time.

I am a bit mellow today because I cannot be there to spend time and love on my boy and wish him Happy Birthday…but in the marking of this special day I will always remember the lesson I learned while awaiting this child. Our prayers were answered well beyond what we prayed for and in his birth and subsequent upbringing, two self-focused people changed, grew, loved and though not flawlessly selfless, became part of God’s broader plan for the life of this child, our “sun.”  Two years later God surprised us again with another “sun” as this time, God heard my unspoken plea for another child – one I dared not even articulate because I had already been so blessed.

Though life hasn’t been “perfect” in all things, as all of us have bumps and boulders in the road, I know that God and his timing and plan IS perfect and in that – our family rests faithfully and easily, as both our son’s (suns) move forward into the lives God has planned for them.  In the unfolding of their lives, they are learning to see God’s fingerprints on them…and they too remember the times…of His presence and wise plan for them.  

Happy Birthday my sun, I pray this will be the time of your life.

Father God, I praise you and thank you…for today and the yesterday’s, for my children and my husband…for all the bumps, bruises, blessings and bests that you have allowed and given your daughter.  Let me never lose sight of your sovereignty and plan in my life and the lives of my loved ones.  Remind me to trust your will and to remember all our times are in your hands.  Amen and Amen.


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