The Wisdom of Youth

checklist-use-your-school-agenda-like-a-pro-860x420For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6-7

My youngest son was given an assignment for school to write a list of virtues. He took to this with passion and aplomb. I knew nothing of it until he was finished.  After reading it I have to say I was blown away.

His work has been taped to my kitchen wall for a couple of years. This morning as I sipped my coffee mulling over some difficulties in my own life, my gaze fell upon it. I reread it and was refreshed by its wisdom.  So, for a few reasons I am choosing to share it with you too, my weary friend.

One, is because he is spot on.  Two, to point to the heart of God, who is busy working in him (and all of us) and three, to remind that if a teenager can see these truths, so may all of us; and finally to encourage you dear parent or mentor to keep on keeping on with your efforts on behalf of the younglings in your life.

God can grow them in strength and wisdom much better than we can, and He will, if we just give Him the space to do so.   Enjoy!

List of Virtues

Moderation of Love – Love those you trust and those who are of relation.  Do not love frivolously, for if you love your heart away, you may never get it back. (Also applies to trust).

Quickness to forgive – Do not be afraid to forgive.  Letting a grudge go heals pain more than vengeance.

Kill them softly – Love those who are ready to hate.  Sometimes a friend is all they need to heal a person from themselves.

Trusting Man – let your “yes” be yes and “no” be no.  Stick to your word for this is your binding contract – which your family name resembles.

Cracks to your ship – We are all broken vessels, some are more broken than others. Do not look for other “vessels” to fix those breaks – for a fellow vessel may direct you to someone that can not mend.  The only one who can heal our breaks is God.  You cannot be fulfilled by anyone or anything else.

Judge and Jury – Do not build yourself up at others expense.  One quick to judge merely leaks ignorance from their mouth.

Rolling with the punches – Savor the days when it all seems against you.  Love the corner you may be trapped in because you are not going anywhere in life without facing challenges and people who doubt you.  Fight back, prove them wrong and have no part of easy.

One more I might add is to Truly love yourself – God made you in His image – which means you are indeed the apple of his eye 😉


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