When Hokie’s Get it Right….

I awoke this am to see the news media going epileptic over President Trump’s remarks to the NFL… then to see NFL response and Baltimore Ravens response.  First, as a side note, we as a Nation and a World community have so much more to be spending our energies on rather than this tired tirade…. however, since as an American I feel obligated to address this – I will.

The Baltimore Ravens (actually one of my fav teams) played a football game in London, England this weekend. In protest to Trump’s remarks, the entire team took a knee when the National Anthem was played and stood proudly for God Save The Queen… REALLY?  How does this hurt Trump?  It really hurts not him, but our nation, her sovereignty and truly – the men and women and families who are the core of that community – the US Military. 

Though I do not think that the President’s remarks were appropriate for a Commander In Chief to be expressing, if he was a private citizen I would yield to his right to say what he thinks based on Freedom of Speech.  However, the man needs to practice some serious verbal self control….

That said, as a daughter of a veteran of the Korean War, and childhood friend of a Marine who was blown up in his barracks (at age 18) due to a terror attack, I am deeply offended by the lack of respect for our flag, because it does not represent POLITICS, it is an icon of struggle, freedom and national identify.  It is also a harbinger of all the sacrifice of lives past and present that are spent in obtaining that freedom – freedom from a despot nation in 1776 and freedom from the shackles of human foibles and the evil of slavery. Let us not forget that it is our flag that flies over a UNITED STATES.  Not everything this nation has done or will do is perfect.  Just as bad news travels fast, no one wants to remember ALL THE GOOD that our Nation does for its people, for the people of other nations and in fact for the entire globe.  Not one nation – not one – gives as much of its finances, natural resources, missions, people, educational efforts, technology and military support to the entire WORLD.  Stand up at that.  Be proud of that.

The Bible tells us that a house divided cannot stand.  We are also reminded in scripture that it is a “foolish woman who tears down her house with her own hands.”  Oh America, our beautiful lady, please please please come together… we have so much more in common than we have to fight about.  I am truly worried about the fractures and fissures that are ever widening in this nation.  I pray earnestly and daily – as I am most fearful that another saying is coming true right before our eyes – I have seen the enemy, and the enemy is us. It occurs to me that as long as politicians continue to divide this nation, we the people will be the losers, and they, all politicians, will be the winners.  I am thankful to share this link below with you, as it exemplifies exactly my point.

But consider this: we easily quip “God Bless America”, and this we want of course, but we must also start by blessing America – in the form of each other… just saying….


This just in: September 26th.  Someone sent this YouTube me today.  Preach it brother.  Amen.  Start with love, finish with respect and let’s get constructive in our dialogue…


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