Bulldozing the Rubble – 2018 just needs to go….


I do not think I have ever been so ready to say “LATER” to a 12 month experience in my life.  This year has been the rockiest road I have ever travelled – with stress, pain, health issues and drama in all four corners of my life.

But God.

He has walked through the valleys with me, sometimes dragged me, often carrying me.  I have felt the Holy Spirit’s groanings and utterings on my behalf. He has chased the spiders of my mind away.  He has fought the battles in my heart.  I have experienced the intercession of prayers from others.  I have seen God move mountains for good and even broken toxic foundations and patterns that needed to be shattered.

It is never comfortable to be pruned and sometimes I have found that I or others I care about are the collateral damage in His process of bulldozing the rubble… All the same, we cannot escape the trial or hard experience when God has decided to move – He must remove unholiness because He is Holy.  He must smash it all before He will build it anew.  I have often written that NOTHING happens in God’s economy without it being sifted through His fingers.  Sometimes that sifting is awful.  Just ask Job.  Ask Peter. As Jonah…ask yourself.  But I have also learned that if we really want God to answer our prayers, sometimes we must be prepared for a seismic event in our lives or the lives of others before He can fix it.

Change really does cause pain.  But in pain – change will cause growth, restoration and hopefully a brighter future.  God is in the business of transformation of hearts, lives and minds.  The Bible tells us that God cannot be mocked.  That is not just a suggestion – if He sees wrong things in our lives – via our choices or someone elses which effects us – He will remove it.  He will allow tribulation and tumult to get our attentions to stop, drop and repent.   So now that I have watched the Bulldozers at work in 2018 – I am curious to see the new cornerstones He will place in my life going forward.

I have come to really appreciate the meaning of my life verse, “Trust in the Lord in All you do, lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will set your paths straight.”  Proverbs 3:5-6

TRUST me, I never saw most of this trouble coming – and I did try to lean on my own understanding –  but have learned NOT do that, to just acknowledge Him, His Sovereignty and His Plan.  I have learned to hand it off and wait until He in his timing, clears the rubble.  I am now BEHIND  the trail of the bulldozer (rather than in front of it),  and am watching God clean the path before me – and I am trusting Him (and you can too) to lead it to something new, something better and in His good and perfect plan.

Amen and Amen.










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