Author’s Favourite Posts

Author Update: There seems to have been a lot of traffic on my blog lately (October 2019).  Much more than usual since I do not promote this blog.  SO, for those of you who are digging through so many of my posts – PLEASE – send me a note.  Would love to know what you think and feel free to make suggestions on any subjects you would like to read!  THANKS AGAIN for checking my blog out.  I am writing for ONE here – and you are that one as God leads. 


Writing is essentially creating a time capsule for oneself that documents our heart and voice.  Sometimes I will go back and re-read my own blogs to “see” where I was in that moment of time.  These snap shots are very personal – but also – tend to minister to me again – as I revisit my “prayer journal” of sorts. 

Below are a few that for one reason or another, mean a lot to me.  Every now and then I will update this list and or change it.

It is my prayer that you will find something for your heart or head in these writings (mine or others) – as we are called to lift up and encourage one another…blessings on your day my friend.  Thanks for sharing your time with me in reading, now just point your cursor on a title below and enjoy!

My Father’s Hands

The Gift of Brokeness

My Father’s Half Life

A Farewell on Springs Road

Why We Must Forgive

Love Like Coffee

Forgiveness is Hard

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