Author’s Favourite Posts

Writing is essentially creating a time capsule for oneself that documents our heart and voice.  Sometimes I will go back and re-read my own blogs to “see” where I was in that moment of time.  These snap shots are very personal – but also – tend to minister to me again – as I revisit my “prayer journal” of sorts. 

Below are a few that for one reason or another, mean a lot to me.  Every now and then I will update this list and or change it.  I am also a guest blogger on Christian Blessings – an international faith-based blog with a huge following and which features many writers across the globe.  Go here to check it out…

It is my prayer that you will find something for your heart or head in these writings (mine or others) – as we are called to lift up and encourage one another…blessings on your day my friend.  Thanks for sharing your time with me in reading, now just point your cursor on a title below and enjoy!

My Father’s Hands

The Gift of Brokeness

My Father’s Half Life

A Farewell on Springs Road

Why We Must Forgive

Forget The Past

Fast and Loose

Writing for One 

When He Was But Two

When the “Sun” Is Gone

Love Like Coffee

Forgiveness is Hard


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