I’m waiting a baby – Sto aspettando un bambino – Aștept un copil

Please enjoy the fantastic trilingual poetry of Valerie D.G. Barbu. He Captures the essence of faith, expectation
and challenge.

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

Three signs in the sky, three in earth,
this baby will be born –
with him, the door-egg opens towards
for the same world,
where will still have to suffer, there will still be obstacles –
no one can live life to the place of another
and if with his birth would abolished the pain in the world,
with this would fall out even the joys, the passions –
the struggle of life, metamorphosis for perfection
this baby will be born on the threshold of the heart
also for one who do not waiting for him –
This news scares me and I rejoice strange
if he find empty manger of my soul
without a little’, even dry hay, of good deeds? –
for the poor creatures who have warmed by their breath,
in Bethlehem, so, I will give they a little’ food…
Three signs in the…

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